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GT RECORDING is a Seattle based company involved in the audio, video and film industry for over 30 years. We closely follow the changes in technology, understanding old formats as well as cutting edge digital technologies, and are involved in all phases of recording, duplication, restoration, preservation and distribution. We provide services for both individuals and organizations across the nation and worldwide.


Experienced problem solvers with attention to integrity and detail, our dedicated seasoned in-house technicians utilize and engineer top quality processes. We have a loss less approach to tape and film preservation maintaining the original quality without altering or degrading from archetype media.
Media collected over a lifetime tells many stories. However, these non-digital video and film formats are deteriorating. Environmental causes and the passage of time are enemies to these fragile storage devices. We standardize these memories into a universal, modern digital format that is versatile and safe.


GT RECORDING has a loyal base of customers, many who have been with us for over 30 years. Each client is our top priority, and every job is handled with care.